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Richard Warburton created an issue

Pull from openjdk repositories

Push to bitbucket repositories

do it on some time based delay

Bonus Points: emall if things go wrong

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  1. Nicky Chorley

    I've not had a chance to work on this yet. Looks like the next opportunity will be at the hackday on the 8th!

  2. Nicky Chorley

    As the adoptopenjdk user, we need to pull changes from the upstream OpenJDK repository on to the Betterrev server and then push those changes to the AdoptOpenJDK organisation's Bitbucket repository.

    @neomatrix369 is also working on this.

  3. Mani Sarkar

    UpstreamImporter - needs work (Constantly polls openjdk repos in order to pull in changes, into the Betterrev server.)

    MercurialImporter does some stuff already, needs more work (Pulls in code from a mercurial repository, keeping an internal hg repository up to date.) - has MercurialImporterTest as well. @richardwarburton thinks this one is pulling code from the adoptopenjdk sub-repos under Adopt OpenJDK org into the Betterrev server.

    ./scripts/ - push changes from local machine to adoptopenjdk organisation as user adoptopenjdk / otheruser We need to write a wrapper (akka-fy) around to be able to call it from the server to push code into the Adopt Openjdk sub-repos in the Adoptopenjdk organisation in Bitbucket.

  4. Mani Sarkar


    1. Bring UpstreamImporter to life, use MercurialImporter as an example, apply abstraction wherever applicable (follow the Akka actors model here)

    2. When done, refactor to extract common elements from both UpstreamImporter and MercurialImporter into a generic class (abstract/interface) entity.

    3. Rename the to something more meaningful.

    4. Write a wrapper (follow the Akka actors model) around (renamed) to be able to call it directly from within the Betterrev App.

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