Create user edit screens so that users can enter their OCA/bitbucket details

Issue #63 invalid
Ed Bateman
created an issue
  • Add way for admin users to indicate if a user has signed the OCA
  • Highlight if a user has not signed the OCA on the pull request
  • Add a way to add a name (so that we can have real names on the BetterRev site)

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  1. Richard Warburton

    I think that's what this issue is really about.

    We can get their real name from the bitbucket API, but what if their bitbucket real name and their OCA real name differ? Since this is a process-blocking thing you're going to need to have a break-glass scenario where the information can be manually entered.

  2. Martijn Verburg

    So I think the CRUD admin screens that get auto generated for the Model objects may well cover this. Assuming we create the Model of a Contributor with an isOCASigned flag.....

  3. Michael Bateman

    I notice that the only thing I've done so far is add a display field for OCA status. I assume the status needs to be editable as well. Should this be a drop down populated with the status enums?

    We were also discussing the possibility that there should be another status on the lines of "awaiting approval". Any thoughts? Another thing is that I don't think the status unknown is needed.

    We also need an entry field for bitbucket details.

  4. Martijn Verburg

    The admin screen should allow editing (I need to check if play2crud supports this).

    Awaiting approval is a good idea, please feel free to add this!

    Unknown is required because when a contributor first submits, we don't know what their OCA status is...

    Not sure what you mean by bit bucket details...

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