Mentor database (tables & spreadsheet) need further updating

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Mani Sarkar created an issue

The mentors i.e. sponsors in the OpenJDK lingo, need further checks and updates as the current entries are only good to check against simple sets of changes made to the OpenJDK.

Also a verification process to check if the right mapping (between mentors and OpenJDK classes & packages) is in place all the time would be a nice thing to fall back on.

(I'll leave the rest of the fields to be decided on group consensus, depending on the priority of other issues)

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  1. Mani Sarkar reporter

    Since pretty much everyone is directly or indirectly working on this aspect of the Betterrev app, I was wondering this issue can be review to see where it fits in, I have left the fields on the right blank.

    I think I'm best placed to do it, so I'll assign it to myself but awaiting feedback on the rest of the issue.

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