Investigate: H2, Evolution, PostgreSQL, PlayFramework - related pull request #76

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Issue #74 resolved
Mani Sarkar created an issue

Find out how we can switch between H2:PostgreSQL mode and on-disk PostgreSQL mode without having to deal with physical files.

This query comes off the back pull request #76 - these scripts may not be necessary.

We need to also test if the 1.sql and 2.sql scripts get adapted when we switch between default, production and qa modes.

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  1. Mani Sarkar reporter

    Did further tests by comparing 1.sql before and after switching between prod.conf and qa.conf and as expected the Sql statements are adapted before applying to the respective environments.

    Thus role and database scripts are necessary while the database update script isn't.

    Issue can be closed.

  2. Mani Sarkar reporter

    @richardwarburton @karianna - are you guys happy with with this? Does this help progress issues #72, that @johnoliver is working on?

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