Fix parsing datetime formats

Issue #8 resolved
Richard Warburton
created an issue

Bitbucket API uses non-iso standard time formats, eg: "2013-04-05 18:32:07+00:00", "2013-04-10 18:44:01+00:00" where they should be like "2013-04-05T18:32:07+00:00". We should either convince bitbucket to use the standard format or add a format string into our parser.

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  1. Martijn Verburg

    Formatting Joda DateTime example:

    DateTime dt = new DateTime();
    DateTimeFormatter fmt = DateTimeFormat.forPattern("MMMM, yyyy");
    String str = fmt.print(dt);

    Not sure how to declare and execute Java code in the Scala template though (I don't really want this logic in the PullReview Model)

  2. Richard Warburton reporter

    Well the code would go in the parser, and I'm not talking about formatting, but parsing. I agree neither parsing nor formatting concerns should go in the model. I would just leave this issue alone - I'll fix it at next week's meeting.

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