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Betterrev Introduction

A friendly, hosted wrapper around OpenJDK Contributions and 'webrevs'. See the Wiki for details on the Grand Plan,Workflow and more. Join the mailing list to participate in the discussions!


We are assuming that you know how to use Git, Mecurial, BitBucket etc. If not, don't panic! Just drop an email to

Getting started for developers

The project is a Java EE 7 and HTML5 (AngularJS) based project. If you want specific instructions for Linux you can try the specific Linux_Install_Instructions.

Install Source Code

git clone<your_username>/betterrev.git betterrev_project

  • Clone the adopt repository into the betterrev_project/betterrev directory, e.g.:
cd betterrev_project/betterrev 
hg clone adopt
  • From within the betterrev_project/betterrev/adopt directory, clone the jdk9 repository, e.g.:
cd adopt
hg clone jdk9
  • Get the jdk9 sources:

    • $ cd jdk9
    • $ chmod u+x
    • $ ./
  • Your final directory structure should look something like the following:

                <various OpenJDK folders>

Install Serverside Tools

  • Install Java - 1.8.0_51 at time of writing
  • Install Maven - 3.3.3 at time of writing
  • Install an IDE (IntelliJ is recommended, but you can Netbeans or Eclipse it if you like)
  • Install Wildfly Application Server (Wildfly - 8.2.0.Final at time of writing
  • TODO PostgreSQL on-disk database

Install Clientside Tools

Install Chrome/Chromium

Install node.js and npm

  • Install Node JS - Serverside Javascript engine - 0.12.7 (or 1.0.35) at time of writing
  • Install NPM - Package manager for NodeJS - 2.13.1 at time of writing

Install bower & gulp globally using npm

Install this globally, i.e.

sudo npm install bower -g
sudo npm install gulp -g

Install bower & gulp globally using npm

In betterrev/src/main/angularapp

bower install

When prompted select option 2 which will install the latest version of AngularJS

Running the App

Full Application - Run Maven

cd betterrev
mvn clean install

You can then deploy the application to the Wildfly server and goto:


Frontend only - Run gulp

This is useful for rapid development of the UI portion of betterrev

cd betterrev/src/main/angularapp

Then go to http://localhost:8090/#/index