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Betterrev / Test_and_CI

Test and CI

The Grand Plan for Betterrev is to be a community hosted Build Farm (Test and CI) for OpenJDK.

Betterrev Grand Plan 0314.jpg

It is envisaged that the Betterrev test and CI module would enable a user to make requests like:

"Build OpenJDK from a repository point with checksum X, with supplied patch P applied, on environments E1, ..., En - and tell me what the result of the build was."

This implies some technical infrastructure:

Servers for managing

  • Collections of patches
  • Build jobs which users want executed
  • A review system of same
  • Some sort of registry or discovery service for build servers to announce their existence, willingness to perform work, and capabilities.

Other notes

The system should support BOTH build servers which are capable of making binaries available on a successful build, AND servers which will only report results

The system should support build servers which act as gateways to groups of servers which do not wish to directly connect to the discovery / registry service.

A protocol for describing jobs, handing them off to build servers and reporting results is implied.

  • All patches and jobs will have to be manually reviewed to begin with.
  • Patches (eg to Makefiles) could contain malicious code - we don't want to create a botnet.

Two initial phases for the module

  1. Collect the IP contributions from participating members. - Sort through them - See how they fit together - Identify gaps.

  2. Build out the needed components (patch distribution protocol, etc). - Wherever possible, this should be done using existing technology - i.e. is it possible to do this by enhancing Jenkins rather than building from scratch.