Adrian Sampson avatar Adrian Sampson committed 29aa098

remove verbose option (#92)

The lastgenre command should always log what it's doing so the user can see
the progress being made. If you really don't want any output, just pipe to

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                               help='re-download genre when already present')
-        lastgenre_cmd.parser.add_option('-v', '--verbose', dest='verbose',
-                              action='store_true',
-                              default=False,
-                              help='log genre match details')
         lastgenre_cmd.parser.add_option('-s', '--source', dest='source',
             for album in lib.albums(ui.decargs(args)):
                 album.genre, src = self._get_album_genre(album, opts.force)
-                if opts.verbose:
-          'LastGenre: Album({0} - {1}) > {2}({3})'.format(
-                        album.albumartist, album.album, album.genre, src))
+      'genre for album {0} - {1} ({2}): {3}'.format(
+                    album.albumartist, album.album, src, album.genre
+                ))
                 for item in album.items():
                     item.genre, src = self._get_item_genre(item, opts.force)
-                    if opts.verbose:
-              'LastGenre: Item({0} - {1}) > {2}({3})'.format(
-                            item.artist, item.title, item.genre, src))
+          'genre for track {0} - {1} ({2}): {3}'.format(
+                        item.artist, item.title, src, item.genre
+                    ))
                     if write:
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