Adrian Sampson  committed 2e02214

fix bytes literals causing a Unidecode warning

This would trigger a warning in Unidecode when metadata was missing (which is
the only case when those empty-string literals are used). Closes #109, which
is a different fix for the same problem.

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File beets/autotag/

     cur_artist, cur_album, _ = current_metadata(items)
-    cur_artist = cur_artist or ''
-    cur_album = cur_album or ''
+    cur_artist = cur_artist or u''
+    cur_album = cur_album or u''
     # These accumulate the possible distance components. The final
     # distance will be dist/dist_max.

File docs/changelog.rst

   Sam Doshi.
 * :doc:`/plugins/convert`: Fix a bug when creating files with Unicode
+* Fix a spurious warning from the Unidecode module when matching albums that
+  are missing all metadata.
 1.1b2 (February 16, 2013)