Adrian Sampson committed 4a24fd8

correct ID3 tag name for catalognum (GC-385)

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         etc = StorageStyle('ASIN'),
     catalognum = MediaField(
-        mp3 = StorageStyle('TXXX', id3_desc=u'TXXX:CATALOGNUMBER'),
+        mp3 = StorageStyle('TXXX', id3_desc=u'CATALOGNUMBER'),
         mp4 = StorageStyle(""),
         etc = StorageStyle('CATALOGNUMBER'),


   copied. This solves a problem (introduced in 1.0b14) where beets could crash
   after adding files to the library but before finishing copying them; during
   the next import, the (external) files would be moved instead of copied.
+* Fix ID3 tag name for the catalog number field.
 1.0b14 (May 12, 2012)