Adrian Sampson avatar Adrian Sampson committed 6debb3a

get and set flexattrs with hyphen keys

Here's another little experiment: to make flexattrs a little easier to use for
end users, you can now get and set them by using 'namespace-key' as the
argument to __getattr__ or __setattr__.

For example, try:
$ beet mod foo-bar=baz
$ beet ls -f '${foo-bar}'

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                 setattr(self, key, values[key])
             except KeyError:
                 setattr(self, key, None)
-        self.flexattrs = flexattrs or {}
+        self.flexattrs = defaultdict(dict)
+        if flexattrs:
+            self.flexattrs.update(flexattrs)
     def _clear_dirty(self):
         self.dirty = {}
         if key in ITEM_KEYS:
             return self.record.get(key)
+        elif '-' in key:
+            namespace, key = key.split('-', 1)
+            if namespace in self.flexattrs:
+                return self.flexattrs[namespace].get(key)
+            return None
             raise AttributeError(key + ' is not a valid item field')
                 self.dirty[key] = True
                 if key in ITEM_KEYS_WRITABLE:
                     self.mtime = 0 # Reset mtime on dirty.
+        elif '-' in key:
+            namespace, key = key.split('-', 1)
+            self.flexattrs[namespace][key] = value
             super(Item, self).__setattr__(key, value)
         if not mapping['albumartist']:
             mapping['albumartist'] = mapping['artist']
+        # Flexible attributes.
+        for namespace, attrs in self.flexattrs.items():
+            for key, value in attrs.items():
+                if sanitize:
+                    value = format_for_path(value, None, pathmod)
+                mapping['{}-{}'.format(namespace, key)] = value
         # Get values from plugins.
         for key, value in plugins.template_values(self).iteritems():
             if sanitize:


     fsets = {}
     for mod in mods:
         key, value = mod.split('=', 1)
-        if key not in allowed_keys:
+        if key not in allowed_keys and '-' not in key:
             raise ui.UserError('"%s" is not a valid field' % key)
         fsets[key] = value
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