Tai Lee committed 70eb796

For matches with no recommendation, import as-is or skip automatically.

Add `import: none_rec_action` setting with a default of "ask" (current
behaviour). If set to "asis" or "skip", matches with no recommendation will be
imported as-is or skipped automatically.

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File beets/config_default.yaml

     resume: ask
     incremental: no
     quiet_fallback: skip
+    none_rec_action: ask
     timid: no
     autotag: yes

File beets/ui/

         match = candidates[0]
         bypass_candidates = True
+    # Just make a decision when there's no recommendation?
+    elif config['import']['none_rec_action'].get() == 'skip':
+        print_('Skipping.')
+        return importer.action.SKIP
+    elif config['import']['none_rec_action'].get() == 'asis':
+        print_('Importing as-is.')
+        return importer.action.ASIS
     while True:
         # Display and choose from candidates.
         if not bypass_candidates: