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don't crash when config file is empty

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File beets/util/

         for appdir in self._search_dirs():
             filename = os.path.join(appdir, CONFIG_FILENAME)
             if os.path.isfile(filename):
-                yield ConfigSource(load_yaml(filename), filename)
+                yield ConfigSource(load_yaml(filename) or {}, filename)
     def _default_source(self):
         """Return the default-value source for this program or `None` if

File docs/changelog.rst

   exiting with an exception. We also avoid an error when track metadata
   contains newlines.
 * Fix a crash when iTunes Sound Check tags contained invalid data.
+* Fix an error when the configuration file (``config.yaml``) is completely
+  empty.
 1.1b2 (February 16, 2013)