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+   mbsync
 Autotagger Extensions
 * :doc:`lyrics`: Automatically fetch song lyrics.
 * :doc:`echonest_tempo`: Automatically fetch song tempos (bpm).
 * :doc:`lastgenre`: Fetch genres based on tags.
+* :doc:`mbsync`: Fetch updated metadata from MusicBrainz
 * :doc:`fetchart`: Fetch album cover art from various sources.
 * :doc:`embedart`: Embed album art images into files' metadata.
 * :doc:`replaygain`: Calculate volume normalization for players that support it.

File docs/plugins/mbsync.rst

+MBSync Plugin
+The ``mbsync`` lets you fetch metadata from MusicBrainz for albums that already
+have MusicBrainz IDs. This is useful for updating tags as they are fixed in the
+MusicBrainz database, or when you change your mind about some config options
+that change how tags are written to files. If you have a music library that is
+already nicely tagged by a program that also uses MusicBrainz like Picard, this
+can speed up the initial import if you just import “as-is” and then use
+``mbsync`` to get up-to-date tags that are written to the files according to
+your beets configuration.
+Enable the plugin and then run ``beet mbsync QUERY`` to fetch updated metadata
+for a part of your collection. This only work for album queries at the moment.
+To only preview the changes that would be made, use the ``-p`` (``--pretend``)
+flag. By default all the new metadata will be written to the files and the files
+will be moved according to their new metadata. This behaviour can be changed
+with the ``-W`` (``--nowrite``) and ``-M`` (``--nomove``) command line options.