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Adrian Sampson  committed 99cb977

chroma: catch acoustid exceptions during submit

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File beetsplug/chroma.py

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     def submit_chunk():
         """Submit the current accumulated fingerprint data."""
         log.info('submitting {0} fingerprints'.format(len(data)))
-        acoustid.submit(API_KEY, userkey, data)
+        try:
+            acoustid.submit(API_KEY, userkey, data)
+        except acoustid.AcoustidError as exc:
+            log.warn(u'acoustid submission error: {}'.format(exc))
         del data[:]
     for item in items:

File docs/changelog.rst

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   MusicBrainz exceptions occur.
 * :doc:`/plugins/echonest_tempo`: Catch socket errors that are not handled by
   the Echo Nest library.
+* :doc:`/plugins/chroma`: Catch Acoustid Web service errors when submitting
+  fingerprints.
 1.1b2 (February 16, 2013)