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config name and docs update

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             u'opts': u'-aq 2',
             u'max_bitrate': 500,
             u'embed': True,
-            u'auto_convert': False
+            u'auto': False
         self.import_stages = [self.auto_convert]
         return [cmd]
     def auto_convert(self, config, task):
-        if self.config['auto_convert'].get():
+        if self.config['auto'].get():
             if not task.is_album:
                 convert_on_import(config.lib, task.item)


   "-aq 2". (Note that "-aq <num>" is equivalent to the LAME option "-V
   <num>".) If you want to specify a bitrate, use "-ab <bitrate>". Refer to the
   `FFmpeg`_ documentation for more details.
+* ``auto`` gives you the option to import transcoded versions of your files
+  automatically during the ``import`` command.
 * Finally, ``threads`` determines the number of threads to use for parallel
   encoding. By default, the plugin will detect the number of processors
   available and use them all.
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