Adrian Sampson committed eb63bfc

fix "import -l logpath" CLI option (GC-518)

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     dest='resume', help="do not try to resume importing")
 import_cmd.parser.add_option('-q', '--quiet', action='store_true',
     dest='quiet', help="never prompt for input: skip albums instead")
-import_cmd.parser.add_option('-l', '--log', dest='logpath',
+import_cmd.parser.add_option('-l', '--log', dest='log',
     help='file to log untaggable albums for later review')
 import_cmd.parser.add_option('-s', '--singletons', action='store_true',
     help='import individual tracks instead of full albums')


 * Fix an error when migrating the ``.beetsstate`` file on Windows.
 * A nicer error message is now given when the configuration file contains tabs.
   (YAML doesn't like tabs.)
+* Fix the ``-l`` (log path) command-line option for the ``import`` command.
 .. _iTunes Sound Check: