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import.detail config option (GC-263)

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File beets/config_default.yaml

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     singletons: no
     default_action: apply
     languages: []
+    detail: no
 clutter: ["Thumbs.DB", ".DS_Store"]
 ignore: [".*", "*~", "System Volume Information"]

File beets/ui/commands.py

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         if lhs != rhs:
             lines.append((lhs, rhs, lhs_width))
+        elif config['import']['detail']:
+            lines.append((lhs, '', lhs_width))
     # Print each track in two columns, or across two lines.
     col_width = (ui.term_width() - len(''.join([' * ', ' -> ']))) // 2
     if lines:
         max_width = max(w for _, _, w in lines)
         for lhs, rhs, lhs_width in lines:
-            if max_width > col_width:
+            if not rhs:
+                print_(u' * {0}'.format(lhs))
+            elif max_width > col_width:
                 print_(u' * %s ->\n   %s' % (lhs, rhs))
                 pad = max_width - lhs_width

File docs/changelog.rst

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   from MusicBrainz. This feature requires `python-musicbrainz-ngs`_ 0.3 or
   later, which (at the time of this writing) is not yet released. Thanks to
   Sam Doshi.
+* :ref:`detail` enables a mode where all tracks are listed in the importer UI,
+  as opposed to only changed tracks.
 Other stuff:

File docs/reference/config.rst

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 instead of the Cyrillic script for the composer's name when tagging from
 MusicBrainz. Defaults to an empty list, meaning that no language is preferred.
+.. _detail:
+Whether the importer UI should show detailed information about each match it
+finds. When enabled, this mode prints out the title of every track, regardless
+of whether it matches the original metadata. (The default behavior only shows
+changes.) Default: ``no``.
 .. _musicbrainz-config:
 MusicBrainz Options