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# This file is part of beets.
# Copyright 2013, Adrian Sampson.
# Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining
# a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the
# "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including
# without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish,
# distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to
# permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to
# the following conditions:
# The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be
# included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

"""Adds Chromaprint/Acoustid acoustic fingerprinting support to the
autotagger. Requires the pyacoustid library.
from beets import plugins
from beets import ui
from beets import util
from beets import config
from beets.util import confit
from beets.autotag import hooks
import acoustid
import logging
from collections import defaultdict

API_KEY = '1vOwZtEn'
COMMON_REL_THRESH = 0.6  # How many tracks must have an album in common?

log = logging.getLogger('beets')

# Stores the Acoustid match information for each track. This is
# populated when an import task begins and then used when searching for
# candidates. It maps audio file paths to (recording_ids, release_ids)
# pairs. If a given path is not present in the mapping, then no match
# was found.
_matches = {}

# Stores the fingerprint and Acoustid ID for each track. This is stored
# as metadata for each track for later use but is not relevant for
# autotagging.
_fingerprints = {}
_acoustids = {}

def acoustid_match(path):
    """Gets metadata for a file from Acoustid and populates the
    _matches, _fingerprints, and _acoustids dictionaries accordingly.
        duration, fp = acoustid.fingerprint_file(util.syspath(path))
    except acoustid.FingerprintGenerationError as exc:
        log.error('fingerprinting of %s failed: %s' %
                  (repr(path), str(exc)))
        return None
    _fingerprints[path] = fp
        res = acoustid.lookup(API_KEY, fp, duration,
                              meta='recordings releases')
    except acoustid.AcoustidError as exc:
        log.debug('fingerprint matching %s failed: %s' %
                  (repr(path), str(exc)))
        return None
    log.debug('chroma: fingerprinted %s' % repr(path))

    # Ensure the response is usable and parse it.
    if res['status'] != 'ok' or not res.get('results'):
        log.debug('chroma: no match found')
        return None
    result = res['results'][0]  # Best match.
    if result['score'] < SCORE_THRESH:
        log.debug('chroma: no results above threshold')
        return None
    _acoustids[path] = result['id']

    # Get recording and releases from the result.
    if not result.get('recordings'):
        log.debug('chroma: no recordings found')
        return None
    recording_ids = []
    release_ids = []
    for recording in result['recordings']:
        if 'releases' in recording:
            release_ids += [rel['id'] for rel in recording['releases']]

    log.debug('chroma: matched recordings {0}'.format(recording_ids))
    _matches[path] = recording_ids, release_ids

# Plugin structure and autotagging logic.

def _all_releases(items):
    """Given an iterable of Items, determines (according to Acoustid)
    which releases the items have in common. Generates release IDs.
    # Count the number of "hits" for each release.
    relcounts = defaultdict(int)
    for item in items:
        if item.path not in _matches:

        _, release_ids = _matches[item.path]
        for release_id in release_ids:
            relcounts[release_id] += 1

    for release_id, count in relcounts.iteritems():
        if float(count) / len(items) > COMMON_REL_THRESH:
            yield release_id

class AcoustidPlugin(plugins.BeetsPlugin):
    def track_distance(self, item, info):
        if item.path not in _matches:
            # Match failed.
            return 0.0, 0.0

        recording_ids, _ = _matches[item.path]
        if info.track_id in recording_ids:
            dist = 0.0
            dist = TRACK_ID_WEIGHT
        return dist, TRACK_ID_WEIGHT

    def candidates(self, items):
        albums = []
        for relid in _all_releases(items):
            album = hooks._album_for_id(relid)
            if album:

        log.debug('acoustid album candidates: %i' % len(albums))
        return albums

    def item_candidates(self, item):
        if item.path not in _matches:
            return []

        recording_ids, _ = _matches[item.path]
        tracks = []
        for recording_id in recording_ids:
            track = hooks._track_for_id(recording_id)
            if track:
        log.debug('acoustid item candidates: {0}'.format(len(tracks)))
        return tracks

    def commands(self):
        submit_cmd = ui.Subcommand('submit',
                                   help='submit Acoustid fingerprints')
        def submit_cmd_func(lib, opts, args):
                apikey = config['acoustid']['apikey'].get(unicode)
            except confit.NotFoundError:
                raise ui.UserError('no Acoustid user API key provided')
            submit_items(apikey, lib.items(ui.decargs(args)))
        submit_cmd.func = submit_cmd_func

        fingerprint_cmd = ui.Subcommand('fingerprint',
            help='fingerprints files with no fingerprint stored')
        def fingerprint_cmd_func(lib, opts, args):
            for item in lib.items(ui.decargs(args)):
                fingerprint_item(item, lib=lib, write=True)
        fingerprint_cmd.func = fingerprint_cmd_func
        return [submit_cmd, fingerprint_cmd]

# Hooks into import process.

def fingerprint_task(task, session):
    """Fingerprint each item in the task for later use during the
    autotagging candidate search.
    items = task.items if task.is_album else [task.item]
    for item in items:

def apply_acoustid_metadata(task, session):
    """Apply Acoustid metadata (fingerprint and ID) to the task's items.
    for item in task.imported_items():
        if item.path in _fingerprints:
            item.acoustid_fingerprint = _fingerprints[item.path]
        if item.path in _acoustids:
            item.acoustid_id = _acoustids[item.path]

# UI commands.

def submit_items(userkey, items, chunksize=64):
    """Submit fingerprints for the items to the Acoustid server.
    data = []  # The running list of dictionaries to submit.
    def submit_chunk():
        """Submit the current accumulated fingerprint data."""
        log.info('submitting {0} fingerprints'.format(len(data)))
        acoustid.submit(API_KEY, userkey, data)
        del data[:]

    for item in items:
        fp = fingerprint_item(item)

        # Construct a submission dictionary for this item.
        item_data = {
            'duration': int(item.length),
            'fingerprint': fp,
        if item.mb_trackid:
            item_data['mbid'] = item.mb_trackid
            log.debug('submitting MBID')
                'track': item.title,
                'artist': item.artist,
                'album': item.album,
                'albumartist': item.albumartist,
                'year': item.year,
                'trackno': item.track,
                'discno': item.disc,
            log.debug('submitting textual metadata')

        # If we have enough data, submit a chunk.
        if len(data) >= chunksize:

    # Submit remaining data in a final chunk.
    if data:

def fingerprint_item(item, lib=None, write=False):
    """Fingerprints files that don't already have prints stored
    # Get a fingerprint and length for this track.
    if not item.length:
        log.info(u'{0}: no duration available'.format(
    elif item.acoustid_fingerprint:
        if not write:
            log.info(u'{0}: using existing fingerprint'.format(
            return item.acoustid_fingerprint
        log.info(u'{0}: skipping. fingerprint exists'.format(
        log.info(u'{0}: fingerprinting'.format(
            _, fp = acoustid.fingerprint_file(item.path)
            item.acoustid_fingerprint = fp
            if write and lib is not None:
                log.info(u'{0}: writing fingerprint'.format(
            return item.acoustid_fingerprint
        except acoustid.FingerprintGenerationError as exc:
                'fingerprint generation failed: {0}'.format(exc)