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These configurations have been built by AdroitLogic, sometimes with the help of the some of the ESB vendors, and sometimes without any help. They are also based on the previous resources published by AdroitLogic, WSO2 and Mulesoft, and the solutions we've come up with may have inherent limitations due to our limited understanding of some of the other ESBs and the limited time we had spent. Hence these configurations may not be optimal, and/or may not be optimally tuned for the scenarios tested

However, AdroitLogic has spent many days and nights to get the other ESBs to work under identical conditions as much as possible. We have strived to give each ESB 2G of heap memory, 300 worker threads, and set the socket timeout to 120 seconds. But due to limitations in available time and publicly available documentation etc, we may not have been able to set all of these optimally for each ESB.

We would be happy to receive feedback to improve the configurations used, and the tuning parameters for the different ESBs from the vendors and/or end users. We will include those updates into future rounds.

Please feel free to pull these resources, or provide updates directly into the Mercurial repository at

AdroitLogic Private Ltd.

- Asankha C. Perera, Founder and CTO, AdroitLogic
- Ruwan Linton, Director of Engineering, AdroitLogic
- All external contributors who have helped improve this benchmark and make it more open and fair (


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