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UltraESB - Vanilla

The UltraESB distribution ships a performance test compatible configuration as the sample #900 by default.

Simply start this configuration as follows to benchmark the UltraESB.

ultraesb-1.7.1/bin$ ./ -sample 900

Service URLs

Direct Proxy
    url             : http://localhost:8280/service/DirectProxy
    wsdl-url        : http://localhost:8280/service/DirectProxy?wsdl

SOAP Body CBR Proxy
    url             : http://localhost:8280/service/CBRProxy
    wsdl-url        : http://localhost:8280/service/CBRProxy?wsdl

SOAP Header CBR Proxy
    url             : http://localhost:8280/service/CBRSOAPHeaderProxy
    wsdl-url        : http://localhost:8280/service/CBRSOAPHeaderProxy?wsdl

Transport Header CBR Proxy
    url             : http://localhost:8280/service/CBRTransportHeaderProxy
    wsdl-url        : http://localhost:8280/service/CBRTransportHeaderProxy?wsdl

XSLT Transformation Proxy
    url             : http://localhost:8280/service/XSLTProxy
    wsdl-url        : http://localhost:8280/service/XSLTProxy?wsdl

WS-Security Proxy
    url             : http://localhost:8280/service/SecureProxy
    wsdl-url        : http://localhost:8280/service/SecureProxy?wsdl

UltraESB - Enhanced

To further enhance the XML processing performance of the UltraESB, the Saxon HE and VTD XML (GPL) libraries maybe made available by copying these JAR files into lib/custom folder.

Copy performance enhancing JARs as shown below into the lib/custom folder and restart the UltraESB. Note that due to licensing limitations, we do NOT ship these libraries with the UltraESB or the ESB Performance Benchmark EC2 AMI. An end user can freely download these libraries without limitation.

    $ cd ~/esbs/ultraesb-1.7.1/lib/custom
    $ wget
    $ wget

Download the VTD XML 2.10 distribution from and extract it. And copy the JAR file into lib/custom

    $ cd /tmp
    $ wget
    $ unzip
    $ cp ximpleware_2.10_java/vtd-xml.jar /home/ubuntu/esbs/ultraesb-1.7.1/lib/custom/

When the UltraESB is started with the performance enhancing JAR files, the following additional log lines will appear

    2012-08-05 02:44:27,757 [-] [main]  INFO UltraServer Saxon detected - Saxson set as the default XSLT transformer
    2012-08-05 02:44:29,094 [-] [main]  INFO MediationImpl Using FastXML implementation : org.asankha.vtdfastxml.StaticVTDFastXML


Exceptions seen on the logs during the load test execution.

UltraESB Vanilla  - None.

UltraESB Enhanced - None.