Upgrade to Spring 3.0.X

Anonymous avatarAnonymous created an issue

Spring 3 was released more than a year ago, and ultraesb uses spring 2.5.6 .

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  1. Asankha Perera

    I'd like to understand if there is any known issue with Spring 2.5.6 that's fixed in 3.0.5, or if 3.0.5 comes with any enhancements that UltraESB should be using. We will consider this for the UltraESB 2.x unless there is anything urgent requiring an update.

  2. Anonymous

    The problem is that I use UltraESB in combination with third party libraries that upgraded to Spring 3.0.X and new releases don't work with Spring 2.5.X . Do you have an estimated date to perform the release of UltraESB 2.X ?

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