Support NTLM / v2 authentication for outgoing requests

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NTLM authentication is a secure authentication mechanism used mostly within Intranets to secure services exposed over HTTP/S. The Apache HttpComponents / Client already supports NTLMv2 using JCIFS library. This support should be exposed from within the UltraESB

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  1. AdroitLogic reporter

    The UltraESB 1.1.1 onwards will include support for NTLM / v2 using JCIFS (bundled) fe34a1054dc5

    Here is a sample proxy service that will add NTLM / v2 to the outgoing HTTP request at the endpoint level

        <u:proxy id="ntlm-auth-proxy">
            <u:transport id="http-8280"/>
                        msg.addMessageProperty("transport.auth.username", "administrator");
                        msg.addMessageProperty("transport.auth.password", "RhU2Xfwcmew");
                        msg.addMessageProperty("transport.auth.domain", "WORKGROUP");
                    <u:address type="response"/>
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