Issue with JMS Message Property in ToolBox

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Hi Team,

It seems there is an issue with ToolBox application (Ultra ESB 1.6.1). I am trying to set JMS Message properties for JMS client for sample 701.

Payload Body window : JmsProxytest

In Message property window I have String:OUTBOUND_URL:https://partener2/receiver

After I click send button I am geting message on Toolbox window "JMS message must specified as : <type><propertyName1><propertyValue1> <type><propertyName2><propertyValue2> where type is int,long,boolen,String. Please correct :String:OUTBOUND_URL:https://partener2/receiver.................

When I have removed JMS message property is work. Can you please let me know the toolbox is really support JMS message property?

Regards, Prakash

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