JMX registration fails on JBoss

Issue #22 wontfix
Asankha Perera
created an issue

Results in the following warning

00:04:11,452 INFO [STDOUT] 2011-11-20 00:04:11,451 [-] [main] WARN Util Error registering a MBean with objectname ' org.adroitlogic.ultraesb:Name=WorkManagers ' for JMX management Class does not expose a management interface: java.lang.Object at at at at

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  1. Ruwan Linton

    It looks like the jboss version 5.1.0.GA doesn't support MXBeans, one possible option is to rename the MXBeans to MBeans. However that doesn't solve the management problem as the MXBeans are heavily using the CompositeData to return data, which result in all the MBeans to be non functional.

    The meaningful option is to disable the MXBean registration. This however would lead to disable all the management and monitoring options such as UConsole, UTerm and JMX management.

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