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Issue #28 resolved

parametrization of the Endpoint addresses

Anonymous created an issue

Spring allows using property values in configuration by adding a following entry in application context: <context:property-placeholder location="some.properties"/>

Unforunately, property filtering is not available in endpoint address definition. I.e. following is not resolved correctly: <u:address>${firstHostName}/someWS/</u:address>

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  1. Asankha Perera

    This is fixed on trunk and will be available with 1.7.2

    To activate, here is an example:

    Add the following on the ultra-dynamic.xml

    ... <context:property-placeholder location="classpath:ultra.properties" /> ...

    this will allow you to define your properties on a file ultra.properties, which you could place in the conf directory which is includes into the classpath

    The ultra-dynamic.xml can then define endpoints as follows, and pick up the actual values from properties defined in the ultra.properties file

    <u:inDestination> <u:address id="hello">${endpoint.url}</u:address> </u:inDestination>

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