Cannot build with Maven -- tests failing

Issue #36 invalid
Former user created an issue

Building UltraESB from the Mercurial repository just now failed. The samples module would not build, due to test suite errors. This is on the default branch.

Tests in error: org.adroitlogic.ultraesb.xacml.XACMLTest(org.adroitlogic.ultraesb.xacml.XACMLTest$1): Address already in use

Tests run: 112, Failures: 12, Errors: 14, Skipped: 0

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  1. Ruwan Linton

    It looks like there is some UltraESB or sample server process that is hanging there in your environment. Or may be you are already running an ESB on the default ports.

    Address already in use comes because of that, please kill any UltraESB prcesses or sample server processes and try the build again.

    This is assuming that you are not runnig anything else on port 8280, 8443 and 9000. If you are runnig something on those ports please stop those processes.

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