Support the creation of JSON Data Services using JDBC queries

Issue #8 resolved
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A nice to have feature would be to quickly create JSON Data Services using JDBC queries specified as simple SQL

For example, one should be able to define the following pattern for a URL, and specify an SQL query that will provide the result. The result should be qutomatically converted into JSON. In future, this should support XML and other message formats as well

"/getPermanentEmployees" -> "select * from employee where permanent = 1" "/getTaxPayers" -> "select * from employee where salary > 20000" "/getEmployee?{id:INTEGER}" -> "select * from employee where employeeId = :id" "/byDeptAndDivision/{department:INTEGER}/{division:INTEGER}?{age:INTEGER},{sex:VARCHAR}" -> "select * from employee where division = :division and department = :department and sex = :sex and age > :age" "/{id:INTEGER}" -> "select * from employee where employeeId = :id"

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