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AdroitLogic UltraESB
Copyright (c) 2010 AdroitLogic Private Ltd. All Rights Reserved

** Changes for 1.3.0 ** [22-10-2010]
    - Include a temporary patch for HTTPCORE-239 until its next version is released
    - Issue #8 Support the creation of JSON Data Services using JDBC queries
    - Enhance the Mediation API to convert between JSON and Java beans
    - Enhance the Mediation API to convert between ISO8601 and UTC date formats into java.util.Date and java.sql.Date 
    - Add a sample showing the use of multiple JTA resources, and transaction semantic compliant file system updates
    - Allow response compression to be disabled, even if the request contains Accept-Encoding headers
    - Add a sample showing an email poll and saving attachments into the file system
    - Start sample Jetty server of SOA ToolBox on port 9002 for easy SSL testing

** Changes for 1.3.0 ** [24-9-2010]
    - Issue #5 Allow an XML message to be easily split with an XPath and parts processed serially
    - Issue #4 Allow the invocation of a sub-sequence during mediation
    - Issue #3 Provide the ability to log wire-level messages in UltraESB
    - Issue #2 File locking support on Windows
    - Issue #1 Support NTLM / v2 authentication for outgoing requests
    - Update Eclipse project file
    - Expose ability to invoke other sequences
    - ToolBox Issue #2 Provide an option in the Toolbox to turn on HTTP/S logging
    - ToolBox Issue #1 Add support for NTLM / v2 authentication to the ToolBox

** Changes for 1.1.0 ** [24-8-2010]
    - Release the source code under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3
    - Inclusion of XBean JAR file to optionally configure an ActiveMQ JMS Server within the UltraESB Configuration
    - Added samples related to Email / JMS
    - Fix JMS listener shutdown

** Changes for 1.0.1 ** [7-7-2010]
    - Support for Gmail/ SSL authenticated email access options for the email transport

** Changes for 1.0.0 ** [3-5-2010]
    - Add a Quickstart Guide PDF

    - Enable deployment over JEE containers to tap into JTA transaction manager capabilities to suspend/resume from
    different threads

    - Add a JMS Client to the ToolBox for testing purposes

    - Annotate sample configurations for better understanding

    - Simplify execution of performance test scenarios

    - Simplify load balancing and failover for proxying to Tomcat servers with sticky session support

    - Includes debug information for Java code fragments to specify line numbers on Exceptions etc

    - Supports Basic, Digest and AWS S3 authentication for outgoing HTTP/S connections with pre-emptive authentication
    support for Basic and AWS S3 authentication

    - Enhancement of the public APIs with many convenience methods - including support for WS-Addressing and Faults

    - Support for HTTP/S cookie manipulation - reading and setting

    - Support multi-entity response streaming over HTTP/S with support for timeout processing and pre-mature entity close

    - Message splitting and aggregation support with timeouts

    - Introduces MLLP and MLLPS (i.e. over SSL) support for the Health Level 7 (HL7) protocol.

    - Introduces XQuery support using The Saxon XSLT and XQuery Processor from Saxonica Limited. The free and  open
    source version Saxon-HE maybe downloaded from http://sourceforge.net/projects/saxon/ while the more advanced
    Professional and Enterprise editions maybe downloaded from http://www.saxonica.com. To install the Saxon-HE library
    simply copy the saxon9he.jar into the lib/optional directory

    - Introduces Support for Json using the Jackson library

    - Various enhancements and bug fixes

** Changes for 1.0-beta3-b2 ** [18-3-2010]

    - Based on user feedback of the source code, the code has now been reorganized to clearly separate the public API
    into a separate JAR file. This will ensure that user developed code will not accidentally link with the UltraESB

    - The API JAR is published at the AdroitLogic Maven 2 repository at : http://downloads.adroitlogic.com/maven2

    - The above change removes the static methods of the Mediation class, and makes Mediation an interface. An instance
    is now passed as the variable "mediation" into a sequence, and could be used to invoke the same mediation routines
    as before. Message, Mediation and Configuration are the main

    - The full public API of the UltraESB is published at http://api.adroitlogic.org/

    - The UltraRuntime project files provided to develop with the UltraESB are mainly tested only against IntelliJ
    IDEA Community Edition 9.0 - which is available as free and open source software. The Eclipse and Netbeans files
    are provided-as-is, and we welcome any improvements to them from users.