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Issue #21 new

CIM.py needs to support unlinked refund

Jacob Gur
created an issue

According to the CIM spec at http://www.authorize.net/support/CIM_XML_guide.pdf on page 51, an unlinked refund should leave out trans_id. However, that causes the following error in code:

File "/Users//Documents/workspace//src/billing/authorize/util.py", line 5, in req args = func(self, kw) File "/Users//Documents/workspace//src/billing/authorize/cim.py", line 210, in create_profile_transaction return 'createCustomerProfileTransactionRequest', kw, xml.transaction(kw) File "/Users//Documents/workspace//src/billing/authorize/gen_xml.py", line 468, in transaction *(content + [x.transId(kw['trans_id'])]) KeyError: 'trans_id'

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