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Turtle plugin for Twisted.
from zope.interface import classProvides
from twisted.plugin import IPlugin
from twisted.python.usage import Options, UsageError
from twisted.python import filepath
from twisted.application.service import IServiceMaker

class TurtlePlugin(object):
    This plugin provides ways to throttle web request through
    a proxy server that can be configured on a hostname basis.
    classProvides(IPlugin, IServiceMaker)

    tapname = "turtle"
    description = "Throttling proxy a given set of destination hostnames"

    class options(Options):
        optParameters = [
            ["with_syslog_prefix", "p", None, "Activate syslog and give it the specified prefix (default will not use syslog)"],
            ["config", "c", None, "The yaml configuration file that should be used"],

        def postOptions(self):
            Check and finalize the value of the arguments.
            if self['config'] is None:
                raise UsageError("Must specify a config file")
            fp = filepath.FilePath(self['config'])
            if not fp.exists():
                raise UsageError("%s doesn't exist." % (fp.path,))

            self['config'] = fp

    def makeService(cls, options):
        Create an L{IService} for the parameters and return it
        from turtle import service
        return service.makeService(options)