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bump to 0.0.6 and fix the annoying lock up with high frequency

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-__version__ = '0.0.5'
+__version__ = '0.0.6'
 from twisted.internet import defer, task
-class IntervalTooShortError(Exception):
-    pass
 class _ConcurrencyPrimitive(object):
     _execute = defer.maybeDeferred
-        if interval < .1:
-            raise IntervalTooShortError("Can't set interval less than .1. Raise the number of calls")
         self._sem = defer.DeferredSemaphore(concurrency)
         self._execute =
         self._resetLoop = task.LoopingCall(self._reset)
         self._resetLoop.start(interval, now=False)
+        self._lastReset = None
     def _reset(self):
         # We don't want to release while calls are in timeout mode
         # so we schedule the release to run right after a request
         # has completed.
         self.points = self.calls
+        # If we don't check for this we will overflow the queue on long running calls.
+        if self._lastReset and self._lastReset.called:
+            self._lastReset =
     def acquire(self, priority=False):
         """Attempt to acquire the token.
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