Les Bleus Premiers Pas Dans La Police Tamil Dubbed Movie Download

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DOWNLOAD: http://urllio.com/r9ttc


Les Bleus: Premiers Pas Dans La Police Tamil Dubbed Movie Download

DOWNLOAD: http://urllio.com/r9ttc

Foo Six fairly cocky Paris police academy-graduated newbies join the metropolitan police, to be truly trained on the job by arrogant veterans who bicker among themselves. And the rookies&#39; private lives and backgrounds keep interfering. Kévin Laporte is a closet-gay. Macho Alex Moreno comes from a slum family. Ambitious, academically gifted Lyes Beloumi is of Maghrebinian origin. Shy Nadia Poulain is a young mother in a shaky marriage. Haughty Laura Maurier has a complex family-relationship with captain Franchard. I am living in France and we import a lot of American TV shows. American TV Shows are broadcasted till morning to night on major networks. CSI, X-File, Law and Order, Veronica Mars, sitcoms etc ... and all of these are rocking the TV audience here. We love the better and the worst when it is made in America. So, our TV fiction productions poor and most of the time low budgeted, consensual and often ridiculous. Why wasting money to create quality serials when American directors are working (good) instead us.<br/><br/>With &quot;Les Bleus ...&quot; (slang expression for &quot;trainee policemens&quot;) we follow young policemen in Paris. The cast is good, the stories are rate and complex, the dialogs are funny and clever and the film direction is superb.<br/><br/>I do not know if foreign people will understand all of the trick words and the jokes but I hope people in France had fun with this.<br/><br/>Gaël - Paris - France I think it&#39;s a little easy to criticize &quot;Les Bleus&quot;...Have you seen the rest of the french shows? I&#39;m not sure France will ever be as good as the U.S concerning TV shows. You can&#39;t compare the two of them. So, yeah, if you watch something from HBO and &quot;Les Bleus&quot;, you might think it&#39;s crap. But the thing is, it&#39;s the best French have ever done on TV. Its strength, I believe, remains on the writing, which reminds me both of U.S scenarios but without completely copying it and adding up some french humor and style. There are a lot of very funny references; on the whole, the cast is good especially considering how french acting is.... The problem with other french shows is that they try to copy U.S ones, but they neither have the actors for it, nor the inspiration, and above all, they try to do something that doesn&#39;t match to France. All we ever see on TV is unrealistic and seems not to have been thought over;there&#39;s no logic, no creation in it. The &quot;les bleus&quot; crew i think were aware of all those mistakes,just did their own special thing and worked hard on it. Plus it&#39;s obvious they have way more talent than the others!

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