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Tom Lane  committed 1f91c8c

Avoid planner crash/Assert failure with joins to unflattened subqueries.

examine_simple_variable supposed that any RTE_SUBQUERY rel it gets pointed
at must have been planned already. However, this isn't a safe assumption
because we must do selectivity estimation while generating indexscan paths,
and that code might look at join clauses involving a rel that the loop in
set_base_rel_sizes() hasn't reached yet. The simplest fix is to play dumb
in such a situation, that is give up trying to extract any stats for the
Var. This could possibly be improved by making a separate pass over the
RTE list to plan each unflattened subquery before we start the main
planning work --- but that would be pretty invasive and it doesn't seem
worth it, for now at least. (We couldn't just break set_base_rel_sizes()
into two loops: the prescan would need to handle all subquery rels in the
query, not only those in the current join subproblem.)

This bug was introduced in commit 1cb108efb0e60d87e4adec38e7636b6e8efbeb57,
although I think that subsequent changes may have exposed it more than it
was originally. Per bug #7580 from Maxim Boguk.

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File src/backend/utils/adt/selfuncs.c

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 		rel = find_base_rel(root, var->varno);
-		/* Subquery should have been planned already */
-		Assert(rel->subroot && IsA(rel->subroot, PlannerInfo));
+		/* If the subquery hasn't been planned yet, we have to punt */
+		if (rel->subroot == NULL)
+			return;
+		Assert(IsA(rel->subroot, PlannerInfo));
 		 * Switch our attention to the subquery as mangled by the planner. It