Marc Fournier committed 3a2a368

Moved two defines required for FreeBSD into

The idea is that its right beside PORTNAME, so if it doesn't apply to
the OS in question, it can be rememberd to disable it...

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-#    $Header: /cvsroot/pgsql/src/Attic/,v 1996/07/09 06:21:07 scrappy Exp $
+#    $Header: /cvsroot/pgsql/src/Attic/,v 1.2 1996/07/13 07:37:33 scrappy Exp $
 #    This is seen by any Makefiles that include mk/ To
 #	until after this file is processed!
 #  make sure that you have no whitespaces after the PORTNAME setting
 #  or the makefiles can get confused
-PORTNAME=	alpha
+PORTNAME=	BSD44_derived
+# FreeBSD 2.1R with new Flex v2.5.2 in /usr/local
+LEX = flex
+LDADD+= -L/usr/local/lib -lfl
 # POSTGRESLOGIN is the login name of the user who gets special
 # privileges within the database.  By default it is "postgres", but
 # For convenience, POSTGRESDIR is where DATADIR, BINDIR, and LIBDIR 
 # and other target destinations are rooted.  Of course, each of these is 
 # changable separately.
-POSTGRESDIR=	/private/postgres95
+POSTGRESDIR=	/usr/local/pg95
 # SRCDIR specifies where the source files are.