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Heikki Linnakangas  committed 6264cd3

In multi-insert, don't go into infinite loop on a huge tuple and fillfactor.

If a tuple is larger than page size minus space reserved for fillfactor,
heap_multi_insert would never find a page that it fits in and repeatedly ask
for a new page from RelationGetBufferForTuple. If a tuple is too large to
fit on any page, taking fillfactor into account, RelationGetBufferForTuple
will always expand the relation. In a normal insert, heap_insert will accept
that and put the tuple on the new page. heap_multi_insert, however, does a
fillfactor check of its own, and doesn't accept the newly-extended page
RelationGetBufferForTuple returns, even though there is no other choice to
make the tuple fit.

Fix that by making the logic in heap_multi_insert more like the heap_insert
logic. The first tuple is always put on the page RelationGetBufferForTuple
gives us, and the fillfactor check is only applied to the subsequent tuples.

Report from David Gould, although I didn't use his patch.

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 		/* NO EREPORT(ERROR) from here till changes are logged */
-		/* Put as many tuples as fit on this page */
-		for (nthispage = 0; ndone + nthispage < ntuples; nthispage++)
+		/*
+		 * RelationGetBufferForTuple has ensured that the first tuple fits.
+		 * Put that on the page, and then as many other tuples as fit.
+		 */
+		RelationPutHeapTuple(relation, buffer, heaptuples[ndone]);
+		for (nthispage = 1; ndone + nthispage < ntuples; nthispage++)
 			HeapTuple	heaptup = heaptuples[ndone + nthispage];