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doc: Improve search_path mentions in index

Karl O. Pinc

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-    <primary>search_path</primary>
+    <primary><varname>search_path</varname> configuration parameter</primary>


+   <indexterm>
+    <primary>search path</primary>
+    <secondary>object visibility</secondary>
+   </indexterm>
    <table id="functions-info-schema-table">
     <title>Schema Visibility Inquiry Functions</title>
     <tgroup cols="3">


  <refsect1 id="sql-createfunction-security">
   <title>Writing <literal>SECURITY DEFINER</literal> Functions Safely</title>
+  <indexterm>
+   <primary><varname>search_path</varname> configuration parameter</>
+   <secondary>use in securing functions</>
+  </indexterm>
     Because a <literal>SECURITY DEFINER</literal> function is executed
     with the privileges of the user that created it, care is needed to
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