Andrew Dunstan avatar Andrew Dunstan committed bbe25a0

possible flatten_join_alias_vars_mutator fix

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 			/* Must expand whole-row reference */
 			RowExpr    *rowexpr;
 			List	   *fields = NIL;
+			List	   *colnames = NIL;
 			AttrNumber	attnum;
-			ListCell   *l;
+			ListCell   *l, *col;
+			Node       *newcol;
 			attnum = 0;
-			foreach(l, rte->joinaliasvars)
+			forboth(l, rte->joinaliasvars, col, rte->eref->colnames)
 				newvar = (Node *) lfirst(l);
 				/* (also takes care of setting inserted_sublink if needed) */
 				newvar = flatten_join_alias_vars_mutator(newvar, context);
 				fields = lappend(fields, newvar);
+				newcol = copyObject((Node *) lfirst(col));
+				colnames = lappend(colnames, newcol);
 			rowexpr = makeNode(RowExpr);
 			rowexpr->args = fields;
 			rowexpr->row_typeid = var->vartype;
 			rowexpr->row_format = COERCE_IMPLICIT_CAST;
-			rowexpr->colnames = NIL;
+			rowexpr->colnames = colnames;
 			rowexpr->location = var->location;
 			return (Node *) rowexpr;
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