Peter Eisentraut committed ec8d1e3

Fix build of LDAP URL feature

Some code was not ifdef'ed out for non-LDAP builds.

patch from Bruce Momjian

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 static bool
 parse_hba_auth_opt(char *name, char *val, HbaLine *hbaline, int line_num)
+#ifdef USE_LDAP
 	hbaline->ldapscope = LDAP_SCOPE_SUBTREE;
 	if (strcmp(name, "map") == 0)
 	else if (strcmp(name, "ldapurl") == 0)
 		LDAPURLDesc *urldata;
 		int rc;
 		REQUIRE_AUTH_OPTION(uaLDAP, "ldapurl", "ldap");
 		rc = ldap_url_parse(val, &urldata);
 		if (rc != LDAP_SUCCESS)
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