pgdevel / config / Makefile

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Magnus Hagander
Remove cvs keywords from all files.
Peter Eisentraut
Update of install-sh, mkinstalldirs, and associated configury Update install-sh to that from Autoconf 2.63, plus our Darwin-specific changes (which I simplified a bit). install-sh is now able to install multiple files in one run, so we could simplify our makefiles sometime. install-sh also now has a -d option to create directories, so we don't need mkinstalldirs anymore. Use AC_PROG_MKDIR_P in, so we can use mkdir -p when available instead of…
Peter Eisentraut
Allow installation into directories containing spaces in the name.
Peter Eisentraut
PostgreSQL extension makefile framework ("pgxs"), by Fabien Coelho, with some massaging by Peter Eisentraut. This is basically a simple generalization of the existing contrib makefiles.