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The branch 'jsonapi' does not exist.
Author Commit Message Date Builds
Bruce Momjian
Run pgindent on 9.2 source tree in preparation for first 9.3 commit-fest.
Peter Eisentraut
Make include files work without having to include other ones first
Alvaro Herrera
Fix typo in comment Haifeng Liu
Andrew Dunstan
Add array_to_json and row_to_json functions. Also move the escape_json function from explain.c to json.c where it seems to belong. Andrew Dunstan, Reviewd by Abhijit Menon-Sen.
Robert Haas
Built-in JSON data type. Like the XML data type, we simply store JSON data as text, after checking that it is valid. More complex operations such as canonicalization and comparison may come later, but this is enough for not. There are a few open issues here, such as whether we should attempt to detect UTF-8 surrogate pairs represented as \uXXXX\uYYYY, but this gets the basic framework in place.