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If PostgreSQL failed to compile on your computer or you found a bug,
please fill out this form and e-mail it to

If your bug report has security implications and you'd prefer that it not
become immediately visible in public archives, don't send it to pgsql-bugs.
Security issues can be reported privately to

If you not only found the problem but solved it and generated a patch
then e-mail it to instead.  Please use the
command "diff -c" to generate the patch.

You may also enter a bug report at instead of
e-mailing this form.

                        POSTGRESQL BUG REPORT TEMPLATE

Your name		:
Your email address	:

System Configuration:
  Architecture (example: Intel Pentium)		:

  Operating System (example: Linux 2.4.18)	:

  PostgreSQL version (example: PostgreSQL 9.3devel):  PostgreSQL 9.3devel

  Compiler used (example: gcc 3.3.5)		:

Please enter a FULL description of your problem:

Please describe a way to repeat the problem.   Please try to provide a
concise reproducible example, if at all possible:

If you know how this problem might be fixed, list the solution below:
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