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This directory contains files with timezone sets for PostgreSQL.  The problem
is that time zone abbreviations are not unique throughout the world and you
might find out that a time zone abbreviation in the `Default' set collides
with the one you wanted to use.  All other files except for `Default' are
intended to override values from the `Default' set.  So you might already have
a file here that serves your needs.  If not, you can create your own.

In order to use one of these files, you need to set

   timezone_abbreviations = 'xyz'

in any of the usual ways for setting a parameter, where xyz is the filename
that contains the desired time zone names.

If you do not find an appropriate set of time zone names for your geographic
location supplied here, please report this to <>.
Your set of time zone names can then be included in future releases.
For the time being you can always add your own set.

The files named Africa.txt, etc, are not intended to be used directly as
time zone abbreviation files. They contain reference definitions of time zone
names that can be copied into a custom abbreviation file as needed.

Note that these files (*.txt) are already a subset of the zic timezone
database files: we tried to list only those time zones that (according to
the zic timezone database) appear to be still in use.