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Notes on pg_dump

1. pg_dump, by default, still outputs text files.

2. pg_dumpall forces all pg_dump output to be text, since it also outputs text into the same output stream.

3. The plain text output format cannot be used as input into pg_restore.

To dump a database into the new custom format, type:

    pg_dump <db-name> -Fc > <backup-file>

or, to dump in TAR format

	pg_dump <db-name> -Ft > <backup-file>

To restore, try

   To list contents:

       pg_restore -l <backup-file> | less

   or to list tables:

       pg_restore <backup-file> --table | less

   or to list in a different order

       pg_restore <backup-file> -l --oid --rearrange | less

Once you are happy with the list, just remove the '-l', and an SQL script will be output.

You can also dump a listing:

       pg_restore -l <backup-file> > toc.lis
       pg_restore -l <backup-file> -f toc.lis

edit it, and rearrange the lines (or delete some):

    vi toc.lis

then use it to restore selected items:

    pg_restore <backup-file> --use=toc.lis -l | less

When you like the list, type

    pg_restore backup.bck --use=toc.lis > script.sql

or, simply:

    createdb newdbname
    pg_restore backup.bck --use=toc.lis | psql newdbname


The TAR archive that pg_dump creates currently has a blank username & group for the files,
but should be otherwise valid. It also includes a 'restore.sql' script which is there for
the benefit of humans. The script is never used by pg_restore.

Note: the TAR format archive can only be used as input into pg_restore if it is in TAR form.
(ie. you should not extract the files then expect pg_restore to work).

You can extract, edit, and tar the files again, and it should work, but the 'toc'
file should go at the start, the data files be in the order they are used, and
the BLOB files at the end.

Philip Warner, 16-Jul-2000