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This program is run by configure to determine if threading is
properly supported on the platform.

You can run the program manually to see details, which shows if your
native libc functions are thread-safe, or if we use *_r functions or
thread locking.

To use this program manually, you must:

	o run "configure"
	o compile the main source tree
	o compile and run this program

If your platform requires special thread flags that are not tested by
/config/acx_pthread.m4, add PTHREAD_CFLAGS and PTHREAD_LIBS defines to
your template/${port} file.

Windows Systems

Windows systems do not vary in their thread-safeness in the same way that
other systems might, nor do they generally have pthreads installed, hence
on Windows this test is skipped by the configure program (pthreads is
required by the test program, but not PostgreSQL itself). If you do wish
to test your system however, you can do so as follows:

1) Install pthreads in you Mingw/Msys environment. You can download pthreads

2) Build the test program:

   gcc -o thread_test.exe \
    -I../../../src/include/port/win32 \
    thread_test.c \
    -lwsock32 \

3) Run thread_test.exe. You should see output like:

    dpage@PC30:/cvs/pgsql/src/tools/thread$ ./thread_test
    Your GetLastError() is thread-safe.
    Your system uses strerror() which is thread-safe.
    getpwuid_r()/getpwuid() are not applicable to Win32 platforms.
    Your system uses gethostbyname which is thread-safe.

    Your platform is thread-safe.