1) configure

	make sure qmake is in your PATH and run ./configure  or configure.bat on windows.

    	see configure --help for more information

    	(for msvc you could try  ./configure.bat -msvc and open 
    		the solution file in msvc, we recomend compiling on
    		commandline though)

2) build
	type make or nmake when using msvc
	then don't forget to make install 
	Note: This will also install qxt.prf to your qtdir/mkspecs/features directory.

3) use

	Add the following lines to your qmake project file:
	CONFIG  += qxt
	QXT     += core gui

	The QXT variable should contain the modules you want. (In this example core and gui are used.)
	Note: Some modules depend on other modules. The required modules are added automatically.

	if you have an existing msvc project and can't swtich to qmake you can use zbenjamins solution:
	     Howto use libqxt in a existing Visual Studio Project:
	      1.  create and install libqxt. (See install instructions)
	      2.  add {libqxtinstalldir}\include\qxt\QxtCore to your include path
	      3.  add {libqxtinstalldir}\lib to your library search path
	      4.  to add a specific libqxt module (f.e QxtSql) you have to:
	           - add {libqxtinstalldir}\include\qxt\QxtSql to your include path
	           - add the library QxtSql.lib to your project
	          Most of the times you have also to include the QxtCore and QxtKit modules.
	          It's done the same way like the example above.