Specification and wtf this is:
   read specification.txt

C bindings and binary:
   On linux,  just type "make"

   For other unix, the implementation for the equivalent of inotify is missing. 
   That'll be fixed slowly, but patches wellcome, of course.
   If your OS doesn't have select(), please implement the two missing 
   bits in lib/ubus.c and send me a patch, since i dont have access to something 
   like that.
   If your OS doesn't even have unix domain sockets, get a better OS.

   See some fun examples in examples/*  that use the C select api.

Other languages
   Read the spec, its trivial. All you need is unix sockets. There is no need to 
   depend on the C implementation, so no need to wait for me to fix it for your 
   OS either ;)
   When you wrote bindings for your favorite language, let me know so i can add a 
   link here.