Welcome to my site.


I use Sass for everything. The css is organized in modules which are build using sass and a grunt plugin inside the _assets folder.

The Partials folder contains the variables and functions file. There is also the utils file, which contains many common utilities I use on that site and in other projects.

The Modules folder contains all the modules needed for the site, layout typography etc.

Finally the Lib just contains the external libraries that I use. For the moment just mine plus Susy ( I wonder how I did to live before met this awesome library).


I used Browserify and Vanilla JS. As you can see, in this website Javascript is useless, but it's a good practice to keep your code modular.

I also learnt how to properly user *Browserify with Grunt.


HTML 5 of course. I usually use Emmet with Textmate, but since the update to Yosemite the plugin crashes everytime, so this time I wrote everything basically "by hands".


Fonts used :

  • Skolar for the introduction text in the home page and for styling the first letter of each post.

  • Freight text pro : for Headings

  • Freight sans pro : for Text

  • Cosmopolitan : for the "A" in the logo.

  • Typekit is serving the fonts.


Grunt, a very simple file. I would prefer to use Gulp since it's faster, but the support and the ecosystem around Grunt is bigger and much more reliable, for the moment.

Also because I used Sass Maps, which are not widely supported yet from all this "building tools".

Design, blog, everything else

The first design happened during one of my insomniac night :) It was time for a small refresh, I like keeping it simple so it reflects more myself :D

There are no comments, I have very few visits a day and I have no time to deal with comments, if I had time I would probably write more often (justifying the use of comments).

Share buttons are also not present, I guess everyone now know how to share a post (thanks to Upworthy!!)

I am happy with feedbacks, so if you feel like to give me yours, I am happy to receive it.

Typos, errors : I write really bad, I do the same in Italian which is my mother language, so please be kind when reminding me of errors on his site, I am aware of my writing style :D