Is it broken on Ubuntu 16.04 ?

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On Ubuntu 16.04.1, fuse-zip does not work or at least not always. I also tried in a Ubuntu 16.04.1 virtual machine, and it does not work reliably there either.

Is there a bug on Ubuntu 16.04 which prevents fuse-zip from working ? A few weeks ago on 14.04, fuse-zip worked for me.

For example, I tried "fuse-zip dir" when did not exist, it still does not exist after "fusermount -u". If I try the same when exists, the changes made in dir are not saved and the modification date of is not changed either. The unsaved changes are edits in a file, or new files put into dir. For deletions of files I see correctly updated zip archives.

fuse-zip version: 0.4.0 FUSE library version: 2.9.4 fusermount version: 2.9.4 using FUSE kernel interface version 7.19

I tried to reinstall packages fuse, libfuse2 and fuse-zip, but the problem is still there.

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