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foo_talktome is a plugin for the foobar2000 audio player. This plugin (component) will enable a robot voice that reads track information (from the tags) out loud to you before or after each song plays. I think foobar2000 is the best audio player software (free or paid) available. Unfortunately it only works on Windows, but hey - sometimes I use Windows!

Previously I centered development around my Hydrogenaudio thread, but I am moving most issues to this repository with the anticipation of releasing the source code for the plugin. The old development thread is still around (I think will get email if you post there). If you have issues with the plugin, please use the issue tracker here to create a new report or comment on known issues.


The download link for the plugin is here.


To install, just put the dll file in your foobar plugins directory. This should add a TalkToMe option under the "Playback" menu to turn the plugin on/off. Options are in File>Preferences>Tools>TalkToMe

Be cool

The software license is this: Feel free to distribute the .dll itself in any way you choose. If you can get people to pay for it, that's awesome, consider sending some of the money my way.

Please don't steal the source code, but feel free to play with it. If you make changes for yourself - that's cool. I'd love to hear about it. If you have a really cool change or if you fix a bug, I urge you to contribute that back to the public repo (here). If you want to incorporate any of this code in another project, just contact me first and we can work something out.

I appreciate a "hello" from anyone that uses the software, whether you are looking at the source or just using the plugin itself.

This code is not maintained

I'm sad about it, but it's finally time to admit that I'm not maintaining this code anymore. To get back into it I'd need to set up a dev environment - I used to develop on my work computer, which is now a mac at my new position. This change also means I've stopped using Foobar (though I miss it). If this project is meaningful/helpful to you, get in touch and we can talk about you taking it over or something.